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Google My Business – A free listing with the largest search engine

Don April 14, 2020

I think that Google My Business is a really valuable resource.  Many people do not realize how valuable it is.  Google My business has evolved over the years, but basically Google is going to give you what amounts to a free website. You put all your contact information in there. You can post images and videos. You can also post messages like a blog and most importantly all of this content is part of Google. So the Google Search Engine shows this whenever it can. Google loves to show these, so it’s critically important and it’s something that I encourage people to invest some time in very early. You don’t even have to have a website, but you can have a pretty strong presence on the Internet with Google My Business.

Drill Down Content

Google My Business is the current version of local websites on google.  It has evolved over the years and now incorporates Google Local and much of Google Maps.  Google combines Google Reviews, Google Maps, Hours of Operation, Links to social media, photos, videos and posts.  It is essentially a free listing in Google that you can manage.

Company listings are often created automatically by Google.  If you have a business for a length of time it is likely that you have a Google My Business listing.  You may not even be aware of it.

For most companies, the first priority should be to get control over the listing on Google My Business and make sure the information is correct and as complete as possible.  If you have photos and any videos you should post them.  You should also post whatever descriptions of your business that you can.

Other search engine listings

There are similar opportunities by Bing and Yahoo.  BingPlaces.com is their current offering.  Yahoo has one too but it keeps changing.  Search for Yahoo Local to find them.  They are closely associated with yext.com which offers a paid service.

Like many resources on the web, you need to be aware of what is completely free and what is a paid service.  Yahoo, for example, works really hard to get you to upgrade to a paid service.  Their ‘persuasion’ techniques are sometimes less than transparent.  Buyer beware. I do not recommend that you pay for any kind of listings like this until you really understand the benefits and other options available to you.

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