First Things First (Get your business up and running fast)

Don Bishop · December 15, 2016

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Course Description

Starting a business is hard. There are tasks to complete, decisions to make and plans to work out. Just getting started can be a daunting task on its own.

This course helps you organize many of the key things you need to do to get started.

This course is organized into 3 sections

  • Know Who You Are and Where You Are Going
  • Communicate Effectively With Your Audiences
  • Measuring Success

Each Topic Below has 3 part:

  • Video Overview
  • Drill Down Content (video and text)
  • Resources (links)

You can start at the beginning if you want but you do not have to. Jump around to the topics that interest you if you want. You are in control.


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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
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