Work History

The idea of this exercise is to assess your work experience in a way that is completely different from a resume or even a LinkedIn job history.

For our purpose here work history will include any job you had that you got paid for even if it is not something you are proud of or consider to be important in your life. Your history is important to creating who you are today.  Later we will discuss that your history does not define who you can be but it is an important part of the foundation of who you are today.

For this work history consider any job you got paid for and also an ‘work’ you did that you did not necessarily get paid for. 

For example:  

  • Volunteer work in a soup kitchen, church or anything else
  • Serving on a committee for a non profit like a Chamber of Commerce, Industry Associaiton, Local Community, etc.
  • Helping out in a family business or any business
  • Organizing for a political campaign, advocacy group or cause
    Work History

    Work History

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